Boarding at Windy Acres

Windy Acres offers a number of care options to suit the needs of our horses and their owners. For some horses a stall is a place of rest and forage. For others a stall creates anxiety, causing undesirable behavior habits as well as health issues. It is our mission to provide a service which meets the needs of every client; therefore treating every horse and owner as an individual.

Our boarding options are suited for your every need:

Rough Board at $250

Stall Board at $275

Full Board at $365

Our natural board care includes:

  • 24 hour supervision
  • Plenty of fresh clean water
  • Trace mineral and white salt blocks
  • Free choice of quality homegrown hay
  • Spacious grass paddocks with professionally installed 4 strand high tensile with 2in vision wire
  • Large run-in



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